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Program description

This intensive five-day program provides practitioners at the beginning of the learning curve in cardiac imaging with anatomy, physiology, haemodynamics and detailed knowledge of sonographic planes, terminology, measurements and probe manipulation skills. There is an emphasis on the practical aspects of these topics with "hands-on" tuition, led by expert sonographers. Low student/tutor ratios (4:1) ensure comprehensive pratical tuition in a personalised fashion

Course content assumes an understanding of basic ultrasound physics.



Specific lecture topics include

  • Normal adult anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Sonographic appearances and terminology
  • M-Mode acquisition & relationship to 2D/cardiac anatomy
  • Segmental wall motion assessment
  • Colour flow mapping
  • Pulsed doppler, normal values & acquisition
  • Normal examination protocol - putting it all together
  • Common pathologies

Case studies will also be discussed, using computer-assisted technologies to demonstrate measurement techniques in B-Mode, M-Mode, pulsed doppler and continuous wave doppler.

Course objectives

  1. To provide a detailed description of the sonographic appearances of the heart
  2. To provide an insight into the haemodynamics and physiology of the heart
  3. To describe routine measurements associated with M-Mode, 2D and doppler
  4. To describe the normal values for heart chamber sizes and wall thickness
  5. To develop an appreciation of the clinical terminology used in echocardiography
  6. To provide an overview of common pathologies identified by ultrasound examination
  7. To provide participants with an opportunity for extensive tutor assisted hands-on echocardiographic experience and access to experienced sonographers for specific problems


Accredited units included in the Course


Approved by ACRRM and RACGP for the Rural Procedural Grants Program

Procedural GPs can receive $2000 per day, for up to 10 days of training per financial year, and GPs providing hospital based emergency services can receive up to three days of eligible training per financial year. 

CPD 30 hours (Lecture 14 hrs, Practical 16 hrs)

ACEM Accredited


ACRRM - E1406AIUL; 16 PDP core points; 30 PRPD points; 30 MOPS points Radiology ; 30 points MOPS Emergency Medicine


Course Feedback

  • 'Thanks for a great experience!'
  • 'Fantastic course - I really enjoyed the week'
  • 'Excellent course & presentation' 

 Electronic logbook services with expert feedback 

To help maintain & improve your skills we offer an online ultrasound mentoring service so that our experienced staff can guide your hand by giving critical feedback on your uploaded images. The logged cases can then be saved on the AIU site to be used as a personal electronic logbook for future credentialing purposes.

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Basic Echo Workshop

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