Arteriovenous Fistula Ultrasound


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This two-day course has been specifically designed for renal dialysis nurses who aim to apply portable ultrasound techniques to assess arteriovenous fistula. There is an emphasis on the practical aspects of covered topics with comprehensive "hands-on" tuition, led by experienced team of expert sonographers. Low student/tutor ratios ensure comprehensive practical tuition in a personalised fashion.


  • Basic doppler physics, "knobology" and artefacts
  • Haemodynamics & spectral analysis
  • Probe manipulation techniques
  • Scanning arteroivenous fistula for dialysis
  • Needle guidance techniques



  1. To provide an overview of the basic physical principles & artefacts associated with peripheral veins and arteries
  2. To provide the scanning skills for peripheral veins and arteries and fistulas
  3. To provide an understanding of vascular access 

Upcoming dates for this course:

Arteriovenous Fistula Ultrasound

22 Jan - 23 Jan
2018 - AFU04-18 $1,700.00
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18 Jun - 19 Jun
2018 - AFU25-18 $1,700.00
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