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Ultrasound in Rural Medicine - Refresher

Rural & Remote Medicine

Cost: $2350 inc GST

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This course has been specifically designed to address the needs of those practitioners who have previous practical ultrasound experience but feel the need for review. The content has been developed by the AIU clinical facutly including Dr Stuart Watkins and Dr Kylie Baker. One or more of these faculty members will be on hand to assist you with integration of ultrasound into the clinical environment.

NB: It is a prerequisite of this course is that you have previously attended an AIU course. This course is suitable for those clinicians who have completed a basic course (even if it was years ago) and have had reasonable levels of 'hands-on' experience. It is NOT suitable for those with NO previous training.

This course covers the following:

  • Basic physicsAAA_trans_3.png
  • Image optimisation
  • AAA scanning
  • eFAST scanning
  • Early pregnancy scanning
  • Introduction to vascular access

Run over 3-days, this course will reignite your confidence in the clinical ultrasound world. Including 16 hours of "hands-on" practical tuition on real patients, both normal & pathological. There is also opportunity to take part in a simulated clinical scenario, along with the clinical faculty.

We will not be happy unless you can get back to your department with the knowledge, skills and clinical cognition that safe ultrasound use can bring to your clinical practice. Our aim is to have you scanning and making sound clinical decisions by the end of the course.


To help maintain your skills we offer an online ultrasound mentoring service so that our experienced staff can guide your hand by giving critical feedback on your uploaded images. The logged cases can then be saved on the AIU site to be used as a personal electronic logbook for credentialing purposes.

Approved by ACRRM and RACGP for the Rural Procedural Grants Program

Procedural GPs can receive $2000 per day, for up to 10 days of training per financial year, and GPs providing hospital based emergency services can receive up to three days of eligible training per financial year. 


ACEM - 20 CPD Hours


ACRRM - 30 PRPD points; 30 MOPS points Radiology ; 30 points MOPS Emergency Medicine


RACGP QI&CPD Activity-Category 1-40.pdf 


Upcoming dates for this course:

Ultrasound in Rural Medicine - Refresher

21 Feb - 23 Feb
2018 - RMREF08-18 $2,350.00
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26 Mar - 28 Mar
2018 - RMREF13-18 $2,350.00
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14 May - 16 May
2018 - RMREF20-18 $2,350.00
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06 Aug - 08 Aug
2018 - RMREF32-18 $2,350.00
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03 Sep - 05 Sep
2018 - RMREF36-18 $2,350.00
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24 Oct - 26 Oct
2018 - RMREF43-18 $2,350.00
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19 Nov - 21 Nov
2018 - RMREF47-18 $2,350.00
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03 Dec - 05 Dec
2018 - RMREF49-18 $2,350.00
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