Echocardiography: The Normal Examination and Echocardiographic Measurements - Third Edition


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Chapters cover the basic principles of ultrasound imaging and Doppler techniques as well as the echocardiographic examination, with respect to standard echocardiographic images and views, image optimisation and echocardiographic measurements. Precise details of measurement techniques and their limitations are included. Numerous “Practical Examples” are also incorporated to illustrate the clinical application of various echocardiographic calculations along with additional “Technical Tips” showing examples of common measurement errors and ways to avoid them. Key points are emphasised in numerous information panels scattered throughout the text.

Since the release of the first edition of "Echocardiography: The Normal Examination and Echocardiographic Measurements" more than 16 years ago, the popularity of this title has risen to see it become a core text for schools and students of echocardiography worldwide. It can also be found in many echocardiographic laboratories where it is used as a reference tool and in the ongoing training and development of cardiac sonographers and registrars.

The basic structure of this third edition remains essentially the same as the earlier editions with chapter themes and topics remaining unchanged, although reference values and other essential information have been updated. New images, extra tips and clinical examples have also been added, which are all aimed at furthering the reader's understanding of this fascinating field.


About the Author:

Bonita Anderson's career in Echocardiography spans more than 30 years and includes both clinical and academic roles. Bonita has mostly worked in Brisbane,Australia as a sonographer and educator at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) and as a senior lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She is currently a Clinical Fellow with the Faculty of Health, School of Clinical Sciences, at QUT and an Advanced Cardiac Scientist (Locum) at TPCH. An Accredited Medical Sonographer, Bonita holds a Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (Cardiac) and a Master of Applied Science (Medical Ultrasound). In 2015, Bonita was one of the first cardiac sonographers to earn the Advanced Cardiac Sonographer credential. She has also been awarded a Fellowship of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE) and an Associate Fellowship of the Australasian Sonographers Association (AFASA). Late in 2016, Bonita was named as the first ever International Representative to the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) Board of Directors.
A popular international lecturer in echocardiography, Bonita is often complimented on her ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. This makes her especially popular among students of echocardiography.

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Echocardiography: The Normal Examination and Echocardiographic Measurements - Third Edition

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