Paediatric Ultrasound, A Practical Guide


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With pediatric ultrasonography continuing to progress towards a subspecialty, the need for amalgamation of the available information and resources becomes apparent. This Book is the second edition of a handbook that was written by a sonographer for ultrasound practitioners using a quick, easy access, reference format. It is available in two formats an ebook for ipad and Mac users and a print version. It gives a concise review of ultrasound examination technique for pediatric patients and it is hoped, will be of value to sonographers of all levels of experience.

The content of the handbook has been drawn both from clinical experience in a pediatric ultrasound department and a comprehensive literature review. The literature review has been included to enable discussion of ideas and access to further reading on the topics The information is presented in point form under appropriate headings. Each type of ultrasound examination creates a new chapter and gives patient preparation for various age groups, contraindications, equipment, and organs examined for that particular procedure. Each chapter will provide scanning technique and for specific pathology examinations e.g. pyloric stenosis, descriptions of the ultrasonic features of that pathology. Examples of normal measurements and the correct level for taking these measurements are also included.

Each chapter contains a series of ultrasound images giving examples of an image series for that type of examination and demonstrating specific anatomy, or scan planes through a particular organ. Accompanying every ultrasound image is a corresponding line drawing which labels anatomy and identify relevant pathology and ultrasound specific landmarks. These drawings have been included to help sonographers gain a better understanding of the ultrasound image they are viewing and enable a more informed interpretation of the dynamic examination when viewed in real time.

For the experienced sonographer in a non-pediatric department, the book aims to provide quick reference to information not often used e.g. the appropriate patient preparation for a specific age group, or a reminder of measurement criteria for diagnosing pathology. For the remote or solo practitioner, the aim is to provide backup, giving examples of images of examination specific pathologies, and the measurements or criteria for diagnosing the pathology. The student will find the basics have been described, from which probe to use, to the overall scanning technique.

There are many ultrasound pathology books on the market, this is not one of them. This book is about ultrasound technique and producing diagnostically responsible images.

About the Author:

Allison Holley is an accredited medical sonographer with a Masters of Applied Science in Medical Ultrasound. Allison has worked in pediatric departments both public and private for over 20 years. Allison has extensive clinical education experience and has presented, by invitation, both within Australia and overseas. She has published articles both international and locally and this is her second pediatric ultrasound textbook.



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Paediatric Ultrasound, A Practical Guide

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Paediatric Ultrasound, A Practical Guide

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