Medical Faculty

Sonographer Faculty

Dr Justin Bowra - Head of Faculty

James Armstrong - Echo

Dr Kylie Baker  - Emergency

Claire Arrowsmith - General, MSK

A/Prof Victoria Brazil - Simulation

Yvonne Butcher - Vascular

Dr Robyn Brady - Paediatrics

Carol Butler - General     

Dr Adam Brand - Emergency

Angelina Caspani - General    

A/Prof Shane Brun - MSK

Amanda Coombs - General, MSK    

Dr Greg Comadira - Intensivist

Tina Cullen - ECHO, Vascular, Emergency  

Dr Craig Daniel- Anaesthetist

Danusia Duncan - ECHO   

A/Prof Ash Hanafy - OBGYN

Julieanne Francis - General, Obstetrics

Dr Paul Hannah- Emergency, Phlebologist

Brian Gilling - General, MSK 

Dr Ben Kwan - Respiratory

Nancy Grexton – General, ECHO

Dr Kong Liew - Paediatrics

Erica Izzard - Emergency

Dr Uche A Menakaya - OBGYN

Ada Lo - ECHO

Dr Chris Partyka - Emergency

Cathy Low - General

Dr Simon Patullo- Anaesthetist

Cindy Lucas - Emergency

Dr Stephania Roberts Phlebologist

Jenny Mackenzie - ECHO  

Dr Ben Shepherd - Emergency

Joanne McBride – General, Obstetics

Dr Phil Stagg - Anaesthetist

Danie Tuckwell - General, MSK, ECHO 

Dr Scott Stirling - Emergency

Leanne McKnoulty - General, Vascular

Dr Stuart Watkins - Emergency

Angela Moffat – General, Obstetric

Dr Nigel Woodall- Anaesthetist

Steve Naylor - Vascular


Marta Rogers - ECHO


Annabelle Seiser - General


Ivan Simic - Paeds





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