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Thank you for visiting the website of the Australian Institute of Ultrasound (AIU), a premier training facility which aims to meet the ultrasound training needs of tomorrow. This is being achieved by delivering innovative, supportive, flexible ultrasound training supported by global partnerships with Toshiba and Sonosite and hinged on our highly regarded international faculty.

The AIU was established in 1995 and is known internationally as the original and the best ultrasound training provider in Australasia. This is evident by our strong market domination, diverse range of education courses and large network of volunteer patients who allow essential hands on training aimed at simulating real life scanning scenarios which can be applied to the relevant clinical context.

The AIU is proud of its comprehensive, innovative and strategic approach to the provision of education and training. Education and training in health services is particularly important in the context of population ageing, increasing chronic disease, concerns about patient safety, equity and increasing consumer involvement. This diverse context is further challenged by technological developments, changing models of care and the emphasis on translating research and evidence into healthcare.

The core components of our comprehensive strategy are:

  • Developing and maintaining ultrasound workforce skills and competencies
  • A passionate focus on maximising quality patient outcomes and patient-centred education
  • Promoting excellence and innovation in educational programs and services
  • Promoting organisational and partnership support for evidence based education

Whether you are a prospective student, practice provider, faculty member, or simply a curious visitor, we invite you to explore our website and learn more about us. We also invite you to participate in one of our courses, with every confidence that you will not only learn new skills but will also enjoy the opportunity to join our growing community of satisfied customers.

Kim and Jenni Sanderson



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